Hamilton Street Railway to include waterfall information on their website

One of the biggest questions we get is " What bus do I take to get to the waterfalls?..." Well I am very happy to report that after talking with HSR staff that they will include the waterfall information on their website so Hamiltonians and tourists can find the waterfalls much easier. We will be updating our website with google maps complete with GPS coordinates, and … [Read more...]

Our new website is complete!

After almost a 3 week build our new website is complete!!! Google has now crawled and indexed their servers with our new information as well, but remember always use our landing page as a starting point, do not use a search engine as the old information with still be on servers for months to come. Work is now done on the transition of all pages over to the new format, we … [Read more...]

The Billy Monkley Cascade

If you are looking to go explore a beautiful little cascade make sure you check out the Billy Monkley Cascade, we have just updated the web listing for the page and added some more videos and a map of the area as well.   http://www.cityofwaterfalls.ca/billy-monkley-cascade/ … [Read more...]

Google has started to crawl our new website

Googlebot loves our waterfalls as well!

This might bore the heck out of you, confuse you or hopefully educate you on what happens behind the scenes on the internet!! The attached screen shot is how google is looking at our website and what it is doing. The huge spike is because of all the new content that we are uploading via a new sitemap and basically a whole new language and platform that we are … [Read more...]

Our new website

It is now day #5 of the build of our new City of Waterfalls website! You may by now notice that you are seeing two different versions of the site perhaps, the information is the same we are just changing platforms. Moving forward we are making a lot of changes to the site as well, you will see google maps on the pages, more social media links, and up to date information … [Read more...]

Wear Red Monday in memory of RCMP Cst.Wynne, waterfall illumination at Sherman Falls at 8pm watch live

We will be hosting a waterfall illumination in red in honour of RCMP Cst.Wynn Monday night at 8-9pm EST at Sherman Falls in Hamilton. Dont forget to wear red and bring a food donation for the food bank.  This event will be streamed live as well, follow the link for more information. http://www.canadianheroes.com/memorial-waterfall-illumination-honour-cst-david-matthew-wynn/ … [Read more...]