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We would like to thank our sponsor Canadian Process Serving Inc for there ongoing support, without you this never would have been possible, thanks to your staff for all there help as well.

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City of Waterfalls video with music

Something we put together to music, hope you enjoy it, and see you at a waterfall soon!

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The Weather Network recognizes Hamilton as the Waterfall Capitol of The World

Many thanks to The Weather Network for letting all of Canada know about our secret, hope the rest of you can come join the many tourists that come here daily to enjoy our great waterfalls and trail network it is second to none in the world!

With the changing colours of the leaves now, its a fantastic time to come and plan a day, take a hike, and enjoy what we have to offer, send us your best pictures and we will include them on our site!

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City of Waterfalls Pinterest Board

If you are on Pinterest come visit our board and start pinning some of your best pictures as well!!!


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Albion Falls through the trees dressed in green

Albion Falls dressed in Green. Pic by Kelly Anne

Albion Falls dressed in Green. Pic by Kelly Anne

This was our illumination of Albion Falls last night, this is a great picture showing the top section of Albion Falls dressed in bright green, with the tree branches gently hiding part of her. The top section of rock catches its reflection magically.


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Its time for me to share the magic

I will never forget the 1st time we illuminated a waterfall, I said out loud ” Everything just changed.”

Little did I know how true that statement would become.

The waterfall illuminations we have been doing in Hamilton is something nobody else does in the world, and when people come to see them, they are swept away by the beauty that they see before them.

I have always said ” We are only limited by our dreams and imagination”, referring to what we can create with the spot lamps in illuminating a waterfall.

Over the years if there is one thing we have learned together is that there is no such thing as a  “bad illumination”. Picking the colours for the waterfall that night is usually done by a personal request, or possibly a memorial illumination that many have seen before.

Now comes the time that I want everyone to start thinking artistically on what YOU can do with the lamps, and design an illumination around a combination of colours.

What we have here in Hamilton is unique, more waterfalls  than any city in the world.

BUT, what we also have is waterfalls of every shape, size and dimension than any other city in the world.

This gives us an incredible amount of flexibility in what we can do with our illuminations, unlike our BIG waterfall in Niagara, there is nothing that can be done any different with N.Falls, but with ours, just the changing of the water flow can dramatically alter how it looks, which is the beauty that each and every one holds.

Now is the time that anyone can get involved that wants to create, share and experiment, releasing their artistic impression that we all have within themselves.

I remember last year at Tiffany Falls, we had 4 students from Mac, helping out lugging the lamps in and they wanted to know where to place them along the stream bed. I told them to put them where they thought they would look the best, no guidance, no suggestions on my part. I have done this at almost every illumination, and it makes a lot of people nervous, but when they see what they have done they are very proud of their work!

Start dreaming folks, this is the biggest piece of canvas in the world we have to work with lets see what you artist’s can create!

Drop us a message to our email address or tweet or facebook us your thoughts!!!

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Albion Falls illumination Thursday night

Albion Falls illumination Thursday Night, lights on approx 745pm till 9pm, our VIP to give the command will be a tourist from Utah visiting Hamilton. Bring your camera and a friend, waterfall maps will be available, free of charge!!! Bring a donation for the food bank as your price of admission please Please leave your food donations by the rock or the Canadian Heroes memorial car. #hamont #hamilton #cityofwaterfalls #waterfalls

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Cottage Life Magazine Ranks Hamilton’s Waterfalls as #1 in the Country

Cottage Life magazine just released their top 10 waterfalls in Canada, and we claimed #1 spot in the Country!!!

Our secret is getting out, tourism numbers are up, and more and more people are exploring all of our waterfalls that we have to offer.

Here is a link to the original article :



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