A Special Red Friday today in remembrance of the lives lost of the 101st Airborne here in Canada



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Special Red Friday Memorial Waterfall illumination

In our series of Red Friday Memorial waterfall illuminations tomorrow’s event will carry an extra special meaning for all of us as we honour one of our own from Hamilton Cpl. Nathan Frank Cirillo along with Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

We will illuminate Albion Falls with 70 of our spotlamps in red with the lights on command being given approx 7pm.




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A spooky Waterfall illumination

So, with Halloween coming here is a thought…. We do a waterfall in orange, and everyone brings their favourite scary pumpkin out and we can put them on the sides of a waterfall that has exposed cascades visible, something like billy, etc… with some lights inside the pumpkins, it might make some great visual effects alongside a waterfall!!! Add some scary music, and scary faced people ( yes I know I dont need a costume) and voila we have a scary, spooky and orange waterfall illumination for Halloween!!!! Get your creative juices flowing folks, another made in Hamilton first!!!!

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Great Falls illuminated on Thanksgiving Day Sunday

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Thanksgiving Waterfall illumination

Special illumination tonight for Thanksgiving, will be done in pink for#breastcancerawareness month. Lights on at 7 pm, see you at great falls in Waterdown, see website for directions, please car pool, and bring a food donation for the food bank. Leave food by the Canadian Heroes car please.#hamont #cityofwaterfalls #waterfalls

If you cant make it then watch it from the comforts of home or on any mobile device, here is the link for the livestream http://new.livestream.com/joeycoleman-ca/HamOnt-Waterfall-Live

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Tiffany falls peaking through the trees

A great shot of tiffany as you come around the corner

A great shot of tiffany as you come around the corner

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Its time for our new website to start taking shape!!!

On May 20, 2008 the City of Waterfalls website was born, and since then our baby has grown up fast.

She has been viewed by people around the world, in fact I remember when we recorded our 1 millionth page view, that person came from Australia, a true testament to how far and wide the initiative has spread.

We are now over the 2 million page view mark, and last month we broke an all time record with 23,469 visitors in one month.

Our social media outlets are as vast as well, with 3 facebook accounts totaling over 20,000 members, a twitter account with over 5,000 followers, a You Tube channel with almost 200,000 views, along with Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and other social media outlets.


The website is in a language that was great at one time, but does not serve the needs that we need in today’s world, so its time to update it and bring it into the world of word press.

The website itself has not basically been touched in years, and its time that we start updating each and every page and add ALL of our social media outlets to it so everyone can contribute and see what others are doing as well.

Now this is were I need your help…

With a consistent average of over 80% of our internet traffic coming from outside of Hamilton, it is easy to see that we have by default become a portal for our City.

What this means, is that these people that view our website and come to Hamilton ALSO will want to do other things, have dinner, and do some shopping.

The possibilities are endless with what we can do with the new website, and this is were I need your help.

We need people that can step up and help build the new website, if you know word press, we will build on the Genesis platform, and could use some people to help here.

Any good copy writers out there??  Or folks that just know good old proper use of our English language??  Each and every page needs to be gone over, and edited with new content, etc…

Who knows how to run one of our social media outlets?

Our You Tube account needs a person that can pour through all our old videos, and get them up to snuff with Tags, descriptions, even put some to music!

Do you know Pinterest?, Twitter? Facebook?…we need folks that can run and master these outlets

Who has some good pictures that they can donate?

Lets start dreaming about what we can do with the new website everyone, more to follow, but if you can volunteer that’s great let me know, your City thanks you!


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Tiffany Falls illumination last night

Tiffany Falls illumination last night.

Tiffany Falls illumination last night.

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Waterfalls of Hamilton by drone

Some great video coverage via drone of our waterfalls, thanks to Paul Rouillard for this!


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