City of Waterfalls News

Sherman Falls illumination Saturday May 2nd

Sherman Falls will be lit up Saturday night May the 2nd at about 830 p.m. Colours will be Green, Purple, Yellow and Red. Lights will stay on till approx 10pm. Car pool if you can as there is not a lot of parking. Food bank donations are always appreciated as always! Bring a friend, … [Read More...]

Albion Falls illumination in Hamilton. Venus came out to watch as well :)

Last night’s illumination at Albion Falls set a new record

A HUGE thank you to everyone that came out last night for the¬†waterfall illumination at Albion Falls, and especially all the volunteers that made this record breaking event possible. We had over 1,000 people there, all parking lots were full, people from all over North America, and an international … [Read More...]

Albion Falls illumination Tuesday Night

We will illuminate Albion Falls Tuesday Night, April 28th, lights on at about 830 pm till 945pm. Volunteers please show up at the Arbour road parking lot to help carry lamps in for 730pm. Albion Falls has lots of parking, and the HSR services the area as well. If you want to go down below … [Read More...]

Light it up in blue for autism awareness

Autism Awareness Waterfall illumination in blue

ILLUMINATION CANCELLED DUE TO ONGOING RAIN   Today April 2, is Autism Awareness Day, and we will light up Albion Falls in blue. We have about 1.475 Billion Candlepower available for this illumination 59 lamps in total. Lights on will be at about 8:15pm. NOTE THE RADAR SHOWS A … [Read More...]

The Weather Network comes to Hamilton!

Many thanks to the good folks at The Weather Network that came to Hamilton to film our waterfall illumination of Billy Green Falls that was lit up in Orange last night! Here is a link to the video that they shot. … [Read More...]

Billy Green illumination tonight at 815pm

There will be an illumination of Billy Green Falls tonight in Orange at 8:15pm!!!! This will be a first that we have done this waterfall in this colour, please join us!!! For directions please see the listing for Billy Green on our website, bring a food donation if you … [Read More...]